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Glove cuts

In our 3D configurator you can choose between the following cuts:

Negative Cut (NC)
Rolled Finger (RF)
Hybrid Cut (HC)
Regular Cut (RC)

The four different cuts are clearly distinguishable from each other. Each of them is perfectly adapted to the different needs of the individual goalkeepers.

Negative Cut (NC)


With the Negative Cut, the seams are on the inside of the fingers.
For this reason, the glove fits closely to the hand and offers you an optimal feel for the ball.
The inserts between the fingers are usually made of mesh material to promote breathability and air circulation.
Most goalkeepers use this type of glove.

Rolled Finger (RF)


Unlike the inseam cut, the fingers of the Rolled Finger gloves are completely covered with latex. This increases the catching area of the gloves as the ball is always in contact with the latex. This cut is very popular in England and in countries where it often rains.

Hybrid Cut (HC)


The Hybrid Cut is a mixture of the two previous cuts, from which it takes over the positive aspects.
Here, the latex only wraps around the fingertips, thus increasing the catching area.
The remaining part of each finger is fitted with traditional negative stitching to ensure an optimal fit.

Regular Cut (RC) 4.jpg

With the classic Regular Cut, also known as the outside seam cut, the seams are on the outside of the fingers.
This makes the glove fit much looser and increases the catching area.

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