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BEAST / ALIEN / REBEL Comparison

The BEAST collection 2018 is a new development in our goalkeeper gloves and is at the cutting edge of technology.

It stands apart from the Alien collection in the following respects.





Fit Beast Cut
(tight fit)
(tight fit)
(tight fit)
Fingertips Wrapped Fingertips  -  -
Thumbs Double Wrapped Thumb Wrapped Thumb Double Wrapped Thumb
Grip Protection Extended Version
with assisted entry
sewn on
at the heel of the hand
Extended Version
with assisted entry
Strap Double bandage Double bandage 1x full elastic bandage
Silicone Punching Zone ✔️

White-Out: ❌
Black-Out: ❌
Electro: ✔️

Bod material Red/Blue/Cobra/Camo: Mechano
Toxic: Neoprene
Neoprene White-Out: Airprene
Electro/BlackOut: Neoprene
Weight per glove 125g 180g 150g
Finger protection optional, can be removed using velcro optional, can be removed using zipper  -

You can find an overview of all our foam types here:

foam types

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